I’m James.  I’m big into math.  For more information, try my website.

If I’ve made a mistake (extremely possible) just post and tell me and I’ll fix it up.  For every typo you find, I’ll give you a warm smile and a polite nod.

f(\mbox{scott fitzgerald}) = \mbox{So we beat on, boats against the}\\ \mbox{current, borne back ceaselessly}\\ \mbox{into the past.}


8 Responses to “me.”

  1. You may be interested in the fact that zero behaves linguistically as a plural:

  2. drexel28 said

    Dear James,

    I was reading your website and you mentioned that you’re trying to prove the infinitude of the primes using topology. I assume you’re aware of Furstenberg’s proof, no?

  3. Nicole said

    James, I thought you said your site would be hard to find. This was easy. I mean . . . I don’t know, whatever would actually be appropriate.

  4. rksingh said

    hey james,
    thanks a lot, i begin to understand the concept of measure,

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