Complex Analysis Study Guide: Brown and Churchill.

December 12, 2010

EDIT: It seems that scribd is now behind a paywall now.  :(  

Brown and Churchill (8th ed) was the book I used for the second complex analysis class I’ve had to take so far (the first was Lang).  My class went over the first six chapters and half of the seventh: so, up to the middle of the section on applications of residues.

To prep for the final, I compiled a quick, slightly-shorter list of things that I feel the complex student should know if they’ve used this book and have gotten to around the same point.  I’ve excluded the chapter on applications of residues, since it’s a relatively short chapter with better pictures in the text than ones I could draw at 5am.  Because sharing is caring, below is a link to the pdf.  Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Complex Analysis Study Guide: Brown and Churchill.”

  1. Anonymous said

    please open the book complex variables by chichil

  2. Sharing my asshole.
    It’s not sharing if you put your stupid shit behind a paywall.

    • James said

      I guess scribd has changed since some five years ago and now requires a paywall. Updated the post to include this information.

      I’d upload the pdf here but I’m having a really hard time feeling motivated to help you at all given your cool-dude attitude on the internet. Nevertheless, there’s many other complex analysis resources which I’m sure you can find with a simple google. Good luck in your studies.

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