Something Wicked This Way Comes.

August 23, 2010

I’m sorry for the long delay in writing — I had a jordan-normal form post, but I made a few errors, and, thus, am saving it for when I have more time to go over Jordan form. 

I am now officially starting up grad school, and I will be attending classes in analysis, complex analysis, topology, and an algebraic geometry class.  I will be TA-ing a calculus class, and a probability and statistics class.  Because this mathblog (mlog?) is, for me, a tool of learning by teaching, I will begin to regurgitate things that I am learning in class, and will address problems that a significant number of my students will have.  This is not to say I will be solving any homework problems — ’cause I won’t!  But, as my old calculus teacher always said,

"If most of the class listens and studies but still doesn’t understand the lesson then it doesn’t make them bad students so much as it makes me a bad teacher."

Does this mean I’m abandoning differential topology?  Potentially; I need to see how much time I have left. 

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