Sets: Nature’s Candy.

July 3, 2010

I’m not going to write a whole huge thing on here since, fortunately, I started a big paper on sets to teach my old students.  I didn’t finish it entirely, or proofread it entirely, but I’m going to post and repost until it’s completely done.  But there’s no sense in keeping it from you; just start it now, and by the time you get up to the end, I’ll hopefully be done with the rest!

Due to the formatting issues (desktop latex just uses stuff that looks like $ this $, but wordpress formats statements that look like $.latex this$ (without the period) and changing between the two would take far too long), I’ve decided just to upload the pdf to this blog.

Go here for the Set Theory guide.

One Response to “Sets: Nature’s Candy.”

  1. the frozen kitten example really helped me out.

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