May 5, 2010


To begin with, what is this blog about?  As I stare deeper and deeper into mathematics, it begins to stare back at me; when it does that, I like to write about it.  Most of the posts I make here will be theorems that I’m currently doing in class, topics that my students are having difficulty with, or just things that I find interesting.

My interest is primarily in Topology, but I’m also partial to Algebra.  I’m not a huge fan of applied maths, but I will be posting a number of things on linear algebra, multivariable calculus, and standard calculus.

Good.  Now who am I?  I’m James.  To answer this more fully, see this page.

Let’s not waste any more time.  Go out there and do some mathematics!  Let me end this post with an old folk saying that I think aptly applies to working in mathematics.


\mbox{May your dreams be more frightening than your nightmares.}

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